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Date: March 29, 2005
Company: We Energies

We Energies urges customers to apply for energy assistance 

Customers should apply now before end of season rush 

MILWAUKEE - We Energies is concerned about customers who may be struggling to pay their winter heating bills. The company is encouraging its low-income customers to apply for energy assistance now to avoid long lines that form at social service organizations at the end of the moratorium.

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) funds became available Oct. 1, 2004, and may continue through May 15, 2005. Customers who wait to contact energy assistance agencies at the end of the winter moratorium (April 15) may have difficulty receiving assistance.

Customers at or below 150 percent of poverty, or $28,275 for a family of four, could qualify for energy assistance dollars to help pay their energy bills. Energy assistance applicants are encouraged to call (866) 432-8947 to locate the nearest county agency. 

"We want all of our qualifying customers to be aware of programs that are available to assist them throughout the year," said Darla Lange, We Energies funding coordinator. "Customers don't have to wait until they are behind on their bills. Help is available today."

An applicant must bring these items to determine eligibility:

  • Social Security card  
  • Proof of income for all members of the household for the past three months  
  • Current energy bill

WHEAP's eligibility requirements are based on total energy use and income. Qualification for energy assistance is not based on whether someone is behind on their energy bills or if they rent or own a home.